Martin Holman Martin Holman is a London-born writer on modern and contemporary visual art. His work has appeared in the exhibition catalogues of public and private galleries and in leading art magazines since 1978. He is the author of three career monographs of living British artists.
Pino Pascali at Camden Arts Centre
Pino Pascali at Camden Arts Centre: Trappola is braided by hand from steel wool. Behind it is Attrezzi Agricoli. Both works by Pascali are powerful and poignant. At right are Cavalletto and one of Pascali’s bachi da setola. All works dated 1968. Mounted on the wall are 1mq di terra and 2mq di terra from 1967. Image © Tate, GNAM, Rome, Collezione La Gaia, Cuneo. Photo by Andy Keate
‘…a multitude of soap bubbles which explode from time to time…' Pino Pascali's final works 1967-1968
Camden Arts Centre, London, 4 March – 1 May 2011 Exhibition initiated and selected by Martin Holman
“….this is a wonderful show. See it while you can.”

Charles Darwent in his review of the Pascali exhibition in the Independent on Sunday, 10 April 2011
  He is also an exhibition organiser who works with contemporary artists and an art historian who has selected historical exhibitions of 20th-century art at public venues in the United Kingdom.
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